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Hi people,
Here I am! I wanted to tell you that my EVS is finishing soon. I haven’t wrote because of the summer holidays of everyone. I have more pictures for you witch  I will post in my next post. Not a lot of different and interesting thing happened to me during the summer. There was not a lot of work in the kindergarten, the youth club was not working, Marta was not here, so I was most of the time in Osijek with my friends, not much going out, which gave me the chance to write my youth pass and to do some other important things concerning my life after my EVS. It was nice to have this time for myself. More interesting things I will put here next time!!
See you soon!! … the movie is amazing…




So, after the concert in Vranje we played in Vukovar as well. And of course nothing speaks better than the pictures..

– Dyzek from Holland   – Das Rejdž  – and my friends from Osijek were also there   – and of course… at the end of the concert..


See you next time..

Vranje – Srbija


Here are some pictures from our concert in Vranje.    the tent that Marta and me almost slept in…      

See you next week!



Hello guys!


So I will save the words for some other time and I will just post some pictures here for you to see how we spent our time in the beautiful Dresden… This is DAS REJDŽ our great band!Of course we are posing a lot for this picture 😀   me and Saša a.k.a. El Presidente in YPGD Vukovar. 🙂   and again we are posing 🙂 hehe   what can I say… 😀   this was how we usualy were walking in the streets of Dresden..   this is before we started playing on the big stage…   and here go… relaxing after the concerts in Dresden… and on the next day….. we went to a place 2 hours from Dresden to play in this pub..   they even let me play when they wanted to go to smoke hehehe 🙂    the chill out room…                   and the few people that were there were really happy!! 🙂

In the next post I will tell you about the concert in Vranje (Serbia) and of course… more pictures..


Take care..

Spanish week 3

Hello… 🙂


Here is the last part from the pictures of my Spanish week. 🙂 On the first picture you can see my friend from Bulgaria who is now living in Gandia.

And of course some pictures from Valencia.





For this band and everything that happened in Dresden I will write in my next post!! 🙂



Spanish week 2

Here is the next part from the pictures I chose for you from my trip to Spain 🙂

We went to a great place in the middle of the mountain in an old abounded little town called Rodeche and slept in an old church:     and the winners on the soccer table..  and THE BEST paella EVEEEEEERRRRR on the fire, outside, great atmosphere and people      I just have to show you the whole process 🙂        OK only 2 more.. 🙂      See you next week with the end of my Spanish saga 🙂


Spanish week 1


I am back from Spain. 🙂 I spent a really great time there with Marta, her family and her friends. Here I will visualize a bit how our trip and stay there went.

OK, this is how our trip started – first in Budapest

   … and then my first days in Marta’s family house making bunuelos    … then we went to see her beautiful cousins      … and last for this post… we went in a place in the middle of nowhere (one of the best places I have ever seen) but you will see pictures from Rodeche in the next post…


I am leaving you…


I am leaving you for a week or so… I am going to Budapest and then to Spain… mmmmm Spain… mmmm Marta’s mother great food 🙂 and I will spend a lot of time with Carlos again which makes me happy only when I think of it.. 🙂 I will bring him back the battery for the camera and the 3 socks that he forgot when he was here hehehe 🙂 I am leaving soon so I am very exited because soon again we will be like that: next time, when I am here in Osijek  again I will have more pictures and more experience to share with you.


Stay safe. 🙂

I learned the lyrics of this song on the Spanish classes..


Personal project

Hello again..

What can I say about this week…hmmmmm.. Cristina, Victor and I started our personal project, making a promotional video with other volunteers in Croatia for the future volunteers. I hope it will be a nice one at the end. This week we are filming in Vukovar with Marta and Loren.

There is not much more I can say, because in Osijek the things and my work are pretty much the same. There are a bit more activities in the kindergarten because of the end of the school year. The children a preparing some show for their parents. I would really like to make something in the youth club, like photography workshop or music workshop (guitar lessons for beginners) but for this I will need some things like guitar and camera. I told this yesterday to Biljana, our supervisor and I hope it will happen. 🙂 I will keep you informed.

See you next week!





How can I start?… There are only few new things that happened to me in the past week. Cristina and Victor came back from Romania. And I realized how much I miss them actually. 🙂 We had some time to speak, to see each other. They even came with Nadja in Vukovar last weekend. We had lunch, we had a nice walk around the town and then we went in Osijek with them after that. Some changes happened in the house since this going. Some truths were said in the face, there were people sad, angry, frustrated and so on… But enough with the negative.

On Wednesday Marta’s brother – Carlos came in Croatia. In the evening we went together in the youth center and in the morning they came to me in the kindergarten. Of course the children were very happy because Marta and Carlos made for them different things from balloons and you can imagine how they felt. The teachers were happy as well to see something different happening to the children. And now we have some other planes, but for that, and pictures of course, I will tell you, next time in the next post.


Stay safe and see you next time!